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Yinka Awojobi


Founder, UKG/ group of sites. 


I really didn't want my picture here, but I'm bowing to pressure.

George Luke


Freelance journalist, all-round nice guy.


Has a weird obsession with international gospel music.


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    Lyrical Soldier - 'Believer'


Music video for ‘Believer’, produced by G Kid.


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 '...There was a lot of energy and life - but it seems to have gone quiet now..'


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DavidB - 'Care About The Journey'

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Sometimes brave, sometimes foolish, always opinionated.


The Team is a loose collective of individuals involved in the UK gospel music industry in some shape or form.  Blah blah blah...  Just read it for yourself...

Founder, UKG/ group of sites. I really didn't want my picture here, but I'm bowing to pressure.


The UK gospel scene is one of the most exciting in the world, and I've made it my life's mission to report on it.  I could also write something obvious about how God is working in real, practical and powerful ways through the lives of many of the people in the industry...


But if we do our job well here, that should be self-evident.  

Last updated 6 February 2010


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I live in London, from where I spend much of my time writing for magazines, websites and anything else that comes along, and making radio programmes.


I make no apologies for being a God-botherer - though personally I think “Christ-follower” is a more accurate description (I’m sure that if I was bothering God, he’d have let me know by now!).

Not perfect, but I believe in a thing called Grace. Very much interested in that junction where faith, justice and compassion meet.


I also handle the Global Warming project


I love to talk, and the beauty of radio is that it allows me to talk as much as I want, to anyone who’ll dare listen! 


I was first introduced to radio presenting in January 2007, at the University of Surrey. I hosted the first ever gospel show on GU2 Radio that year, and continued until I left university.


In September 2009 when Premier Christian Radio went national, I started on Muyiwa’s Gospel Tonight show, delivering the UK Gospel News every week.


On the 1st January 2011 I started my new show on Premier Gospel called "What's In Yours".


The show explores lifestyle issues by looking inside a guest's bag and its contents, giving a unique insight to a guest's personality and priorities. The show can be heard on Saturdays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm every week.


I love God, my family, music and gadgets. I’m a husband, home-educating father of 5, guitarist, worship leader and music producer... 


You’ll hear me behind the scenes on quite a few UK Gospel tracks and I really enjoy supporting the scene and helping others


So whether you need a sketch turned into a song, someone to bounce an idea off, or just a listening ear, I’m here!


Oh yes: you might see me Social Networking every now and then too.

Phil Mayers

Photo by Quadosh

Freelance Journalist/writer/PR consultant and the creative genius behind Divine Creations 


Apparently I'm notorious for my great sense of humour, passion for Gospel music and for asking controversial questions! I have always been passionate about music, and at one point I even toyed with the idea of being a singer but later decided my career would be in Journalism.


I worked at BBC Radio Leicester for over 5yrs, doing everything from answering phones, researching and presenting news stories, to being assistant producer.  


I still keep my hand in media stuff by working freelance for a variety of publications and advising artists on how to promote their music and events.


Gospel music used to be one of many genres of music I enjoyed but it wasn’t until I gave my life to Christ in 1999 that it became a part of me. I moved to Leeds in September of that year and gained knowledge of gospel music from my home church, New Testament Church of God.


I set up the Gospel Vibe Leeds Facebook group to promote the talent, events and organisations we have in the North of England who are focused on proclaiming the Gospel!


Hello, I’m Henry. I don’t present a show, have a ministry or rap

under any alias


However, I do contribute to the ongrowing industry that is UKG (UK

Gospel, not Garage) whether it’s through album reviews, scriptwriting, interviews, podcasts or mingling with the scene's movers and shakers.


Having a keen/obsessive fondness on radio, I feel my future lies in this avenue and will continue to take the necessary steps to reach this platform.


Until then, enjoy my musings, critiques and ramblings on and one day my ideas and creations which will be transcending through your DAB radios.


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