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                                  Former gospel New Nation columnist and

                                   Choice FM radio presenter Tony Tomlin has

                                   found a new outlet for his talents


                                   'The Soul Feeder Show' is an inspirational music

                                   show launched on Mi-Soul (pronounced My Soul),

                                   a radio station recently launched by industry                

                                   veteran Gordon Mac.


Old School


If Mac's name rings a bell, it's probably because he was the founder of the old-school KISS FM, back when its playlist was an entire universe away from the Urban, Pop-Dance hits of today.


The Soul Feeder show will be broadcast every Sunday between 7am - 10am.  


Range of Genres


The press release I got says Tony will feature any form of music that inspires, uplifts and motivates so expect to hear a wide range of genres including House, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB and Gospel.




Tony, an avid fan of inspirational music stated, "I love any music that inspires so I'm looking forward to inspiring listeners with the wide range of uplifting music that's available.  


I'll be playing inspirational and motivational tracks by mainstream and underground artists, as well as gospel music by some of the leading artists in the genre."


He continued, "There'll also be competitions and interviews with leading artists.  The Soul Feeder Show will definitely aim to feed peoples souls, as well as provide them with a little bit of hope and inspiration something that is desperately needed in these tough and austere times.  




Tony joins Mi-Soul at an interesting time for Black music in London.  With the demise of Choice FM and its subsequent rebrand as Captial Xtra in 2013 many felt Black music (typified by the already underserved RnB and Soul) lost a key platform on the FM dial.


Gordon Mac's Mi-Soul is probably the first salvo in what's sure to be a long-running revolt against the corporate homogenisation of commercial radio.  Expect Mi-Soul to bid for either a DAB or FM licence in the not-too-distant future, in an attempt to fill the very genuine gap left by Choice FM in radio.


Popular DJs


Tony joins a team of well known and popular Black music DJs at Mi-Soul radio, many of whom are BBC and commercial radio alumni: Ronnie Herel, Booker T, Chris Phillips, Lindsay Wesker and Dave VJ as well as Soul II Soul frontman Jazzie B.


Mi-Soul also has four (count 'em) female presenters including Tutu, and the excellent, long-serving Marcia 'Da Vinyl MC' Carr.  Former Choice FM presenters Calvin Francis, George Kay, Natty B and Jigs also present programmes on the station.


Tony commented, "I'm honoured to be on a station amongst such industry luminaries, and just hope that the Soul Feeder show will make more people aware of some of the great inspirational and gospel music that is available..."











            Tony Tomlin was the gospel columnist on the now-defunct New  

             Nation newspaper for seven years.  


            He also presented The Gospel Flava show on Choice FM's

            107.1FM frequency, and was a guest presenter on Dave P's gospel

            Show on Choice FM 96.9FM.


            Go to


             Mi-Soul is a soul music broadcast platform, providing

             Everything Soul Everywhere - online, mobile app and in due course

             on FM and digital.


It was launched by the team responsible for creating Kiss FM in the 1990s, with Gordon Mac, the founder of KISS FM at the forefront.

Tony on Facebook:


Tony's Show Page:

Media Veteran Brings Gospel Music to Mi-Soul

Published 6 February 2014 - based on a press release from MDPR


Delivered by


Yinka Awojobi


and the UKG Group of sites.


That's really all I have to say...


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Mi-Soul gets the Gospel according to Tomlin

TonyTomlin in Studio (Black & White) Mi-Soul logo

Photo: Yinka Awojobi